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New Lawn Ideas – Will it be Laying Sod or Seeding A new lawn needs careful planning especially deciding whether to sod or seed it, but before you decide, you need to start from scratch. Your ultimate goal is to have a healthy lawn and to do that, you must be able to remove the weeds, bad grasses and also the diseases that might have inflicted your grasses. But if you won’t do anything about these weeds and diseased grass, your seeding and sod will just be a waste because your lawn will still be prone to unhealthy factors such as creeping back of weeds. To start your lawn, it is important to remove the old grass first and to do that, you will need a so cutter. You might have it in your home or you can rent one in a home improvement store. After you have successfully removed the sod, the next thing to do is to till the dirt until such time that the ground becomes smooth. Rocks are not to be retained so remove any large rocks that you see. The pH of the dirt you gathered must also be checked for you to have it treated. You should use a good fertilizer to treat the dirt. The fertilizer has a great impact in terms of how your sod or seed starts.
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Once the dirt is ready to plant, you will have to choose between seeding and laying sod. Time is essential in this process so make sure that you can do this is the best time. Inquiring from a local nursery on the right time to start a lawn is advisable. Accordingly, starting a lawn during late spring or early fall is the best time. You need to consider that a hotter environment is not good to the grass since it will dry up easily. A cold ground on the other hand will freeze your grass and kill it, too.
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Once you are done with laying sod or seeding your lawn, don’t forget that it needs to be watered regularly or else everything will be put to waste. If you water, you need to know the exact volume so as not pour too much or less. If there is no rain forecast, it is your job to have your lawn sprinkled with water at least 2 to 3 times a day so that ground will not dry up. If it rains heavy for a couple of days, it is not advisable to sprinkle your grass. If you do so, the seed might get washed. The fertilizer volume and watering of your lawn will actually depend on the type of seed or sod you want to use. Following instructions is very important if you want to have a beautiful lawn because seeding or laying sod has different ways to maintain. A professional help can address all your concerns.

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